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Dish Delivery: Awkward Holiday Photos Edition

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Say Cheese!

It’s that time of year again, folks—time for awkward family holiday photos, that is! Our gallery of hilarious, weird and downright disturbing family portraits is guaranteed to make you laugh (or cringe). On the other hand, there is absolutely nothing awkward about Princess Charlotte’s adorable new solo portraits, which was taken by mum Kate and released by the royal family over the weekend. She’s looking more and more like her super-stylish mama every day, don’t you think?

Monday Feels

If baby Charlotte’s adorable new pics don’t pull at your heartstrings, then this new pet program for hospitals certainly will! Ran out of Hamilton, Ont. it reunites long-term hospital patients with their beloved pets for some much-needed snuggle time. We’ve seen how animals can have wonderful healing powers (remember the sad elderly woman whose demeanor completely changed when she was visited by a dog?), so go ahead and hug your pets extra tight today.

Bite Sized Beauties

Is Big Mac sushi the greatest thing ever invented or totally unnecessary? We’ll let you decide on this bizarre food combination, but in the meantime, we’ve got two other bite-sized morsels that are guaranteed to be crowd-pleasers. You’ll impress your guests with these delicious, olive-stuffed cheese puff appetizers (yum!), and you’ll really knock their socks off with these homemade chocolate truffles for dessert. 

Adele On Fire

Everybody everywhere is talking about Adele. From Britney Spears dancing to “Hello” to the singer’s amazing prank on unsuspecting Adele impersonators, the British superstar can do no wrong. Even her inner circle is killing it, to the point that we can’t decide who is hotter: Adele’s hot body guard, who is causing a stir on Twitter, or Chris Hemsworth, who has proven that he's as hot as he is generous.


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