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Turkey Time!

If you don’t know how to cook a Turkey (check out our Turkey 101 guide for helpful tips), why not try smoking it with this handy tutorial? Once you’ve whipped up your homemade gravy and a couple of amazing side dishes, all you need are these food styling tips to make sure your plates look like perfection and voila—you’ve got yourself a Thanksgiving feast to impress!

Set The Scene

Anyone who’s ever entertained at home knows that the perfect meal isn’t just about the food. A beautiful Thanksgiving table setting can elevate your meal to the next level, while these five Thanksgiving myths (debunked) will keep your guests entertained all evening long. And you’ll earn extra brownie points if you go the extra mile with Thanksgiving-inspired DIY nail art!

Give Thanks

It’s the time of year where we are thankful for all of the things that we have, especially our health and our happiness. Selena Gomez is no doubt feeling grateful now that, after undergoing chemotherapy for Lupus, she’s feeling well enough to go on tour. But it doesn't even have to be as serious as all that—for example, we’re also very, very thankful for BACON (and apparently, it helps you live longer!). 

Be Kind

Being kind isn't always easy, so let’s take a moment to recognize the people who exemplify compassion. Take it from Godfrey Cutto; the 20-year-old Hamilton man graciously held hands with a special needs man on a crowded bus who needed comfort. Then there’s this amazing dad, who had the best response when his son wanted to dress up like Frozen’s Elsa for Halloween. Moral of the story? Kindness is good for you. Pass it on.

Give Back

Now comes the most important part about Thanksgiving: giving back. Find out why these guys are painting one nail for a good cause and why this proud father decided to open a daddy-daughter hair salon just for dads. Or read about the homecoming queen, who gave up her crown for her friend with Down’s Syndrome and this amazing teen who shaved his head in support of his date with cancer. We bet you feel inspired to do a good deed this weekend! 

Eat well, give thanks and be merry! Happy Thanksgiving everyone!


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