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The Dish February 26th


Dish Delivery! Hot Off The Presses Edition

Hello, and welcome to the very first W Dish newsletter! If you’re reading this now, you can count yourself among the select early adopters who have signed to get the best of W Dish delivered right to your inbox. Thanks for joining us, and feel free to drop us a line on social to let us know what you think! Here’s what we’re dishing about today:

Xtina Impersonating Britney

Remember (way) back when, back in the late '90s, when Christina and Britney were the feuding mouseketeers du jour? Well, we figure Christina Aguilera must have spent some time practising parodying her arched-back nemesis’ vocal stylings. It’s the only explanation for her spot-on impersonation of Spears on The Tonight Show. We’re still waiting for Brit to pick up the gauntlet. Game on.

Sometimes I Run…

We don’t sweat swimsuit season being around the corner. (And we swear, it is!) But we do sweat getting fit, strong and super healthy on our own terms, so we rounded up the very best fitness accessories for working out at home. No gym fees, no waiting for a machine, just a good workout in the comfort of your living room. We might just need our own infomercial.

Get Ready for Rachel

ICYMI, the first episode of our new series Get Ready With Rachel just landed over on our sister site, W View. RachhLoves of YouTube fame (she has over 400,000 subscribers -- whoa) is lending her style savvy to help two women get ready for two very different, big days. And yes, we’re kind of hoping that she might show up on our doorstep, too. (Psst… we’ve got an exclusive chat with Rachh herself right over here.)

What’s the Emoji for Finally?

Word on the street is that Apple is releasing a developer pack that would allow people to (finally) make racially diverse emojis. Definitely reason to rejoice, but we can’t help but wonder what took them so long. Shouldn’t the original emoji pack have come loaded with these already? It’s 2015, people. Let’s get with the program.

Oh, Broth, Where Art Thou

You may have heard a thing or two about the bone broth trend. People are switching out their usual hot cuppa of choice (coffee, tea, cup o’ noodle soup) and ladling up steaming hot mugs of… bone broth. Sound weird? It kind of is. But don’t let the name fool you (most broths are made with bones, after all). We tried it and thought it was surprisingly delicious. Really.

Take Us Away

OK, we can’t win this all-inclusive vacation (courtesy of Sunwing.ca) to the Memories Grand Bahama Beach and Casino Resort, but YOU can. Which is why you should enter now. And tomorrow. And the next day. Because, sunshine > winter.

See you soon… same Dish time, same Dish channel! (I.e., your inbox.)


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