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The Dish April 29th


Wuv, Twue Wuv

In the latest proof that happily ever after does come true, Kate Middleton and Prince William celebrated their fourth wedding anniversary today (congrats, guys!), marking not only their commitment to each other but also the fact that their second child is several days overdue. (Hurry up wee little Prince or Princess!) To celebrate, we took a look at the Duchess' simple but totally life-changing fashion tricks 'cause girl can style a dresscoat like it's no one's business. And since some of us (ahem) are still trying to find our Prince Charming, here's a list of very single Hollywood bachelors who are looking for some love.

You Can't Handle This Cuteness

Picture this: an adorable 90-year-old tortoise was just doing her own thing when along came a rat who gnawed off her legs. (Ouch!) Luckily for the old gal, some kind humans came along and outfitted her with some sweet wheels. Fly, tortoise, fly! And speaking of cute, actress Michelle Keegan was named FHM's "100 sexiest champion of 2015," meaning that she's about to be everyone's screensaver. You go, girl!

Just, Nooooo

Be warned: you're about to smack your head in frustration. Bud Light was forced to admit (and rightly so) that their new slogan, which made light of consent, was a horrible idea. Yeah, no kidding! And speaking of apologies made by people who say awful things, an Australian TV host said sorry after being accused of making a racist comment last month to a biracial teenage girl. Not cool, dudes.


Blame Canada (For Being Awesome)

While it's true that many of our homegrown talent "go Hollywood" to jumpstart their career, cinema-goers should take note that Canadian films are some of the best in the biz. That's why we put together a list of the best Canuck movies made in the past decade. Check it out - you may spot a gem you haven't seen before. Another thing that won't be going away anytime soon? Aspartame (boo!). The low-cal artificial sweetener is being done away with in Diet Pepsi products in the U.S. but there are no plans to do the same in the Great White North. (At least we have better poutine than Americans do.)

Hello, Angels!

Taylor Swift may be feeling a bit low this week - not because she isn't our BFF but because she isn't one of the latest crop of models handpicked by Victoria's Secret to be their new Angels. The lingerie giant announced their 10 newest winged-beauties this week and surprise, surprise: they're all gorgeous. Meanwhile on the other side of the planet, Japan is making headlines thanks to the country's first magazine geared specifically to plus-size women. In the words of La Farfa editor-in-chief Harumi Kon: "We don’t promote losing weight or gaining weight, because there are women that look gorgeous regardless of what they weigh." Damn straight, sister!



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