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The Dish August 28th


Shania Twain, Forever!

Girl, you don't look a day over 30! Our favourite Canadian songstress turns 50 today (we can't believe it either) and to celebrate, we looked at her fiercest looks over the years. Speaking of fierce, a teen girl spoke out after her high school threatened to suspend her, all because she dyed her hair purple! We applaud her for speaking her mind and pointing out her school's ridiculous double-standards for women. If, however, you are going back to school, take some fashion inspiration from a local Toronto gal, who got a wardrobe makeover while keeping true to her punk roots.

Cat's Best Friend

Dogs don't only bring humans joy. Meet Boots, an adorable doggy who helps stray cats get comfortable during their stay at an animal shelter. (Guh! The love!) But dogs aren't the only animals who make us squee: watch this hilarious video of a mini horse chase his human around! Honestly, life doesn't get much better than that. 


If you're anything like us, then nothing brings a smile to your face like pizza does. So, we're just about to make your Friday that much brighter, thanks to our handy dandy video on five new ways to make 'za. (And they're all delicious.) Or, if you're looking to make something a bit more fancy, try this mouth-waterning seared scallops with spinach fettucini recipe. Either way, your tummy will thank you this weekend. (Also, please invite us to your home for dinner. We'll bring dessert!)

It's Almost VMA Time!

The MTV VMAs air on Sunday, and we can't wait to see what host Miley Cyrus will get up to!  Will she wear multiple nipple pasties? Will she ride on a wrecking ball? Come check out W Dish Sunday night for all the updates and don't forget to follow us on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram to get an inside look.

Oh, Baby!

We love celeb babies (babehs!), so we were super excited when we heard that actress Lucy Liu welcomed a baby boy! We can't wait to see her adorable son grow up to be as lovely as his mother. We also hope that Lucy's little boy will grow to be as thoughtful as teen singer Zendaya. The actress recently called out Internet trolls who called her parents "ugly" (UGH) by posting a smart, kick-ass retort on Twitter. #handsup.


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