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The Dish March 6th


Dish Delivery: Spring Forward Edition

It's Friday! And now Rebecca Black is in our head. (Sorry.) To make up for it, we're giving you the answer to Wednesday's puzzle. Take the first letter from every story headline, and you have D-R-A-K-E (the guy we wish Rihanna would get together with). Did you get it? Too easy? Crazy tough? Let us know on Twitter: @thewdish.

Forward Thinking

A friendly reminder that this weekend is Daylight Savings Time, so don't forget to put your clocks forward on Saturday night. Yes, it means we all have to wake up a little earlier, but it also means more sunshine in our lives. We'll take it.

IWD, Horoscope Style

Yes! It's International Women's Day this Sunday, and we're celebrating our favourite inspirational women in a very special horoscope by Astrology Detective. Find out who you share a sign with, the story behind their success, and what astrological traits make them the powerhouses they are today.  Then go out and shine like the star that you are, and celebrate the women you love in your life. 

Tap It Out

So, it's not realistic to roll out the yoga mat at the office and throw yourself into downward dog every time stress hits. But this indispensable cortisone-busting trick is doable whenever, and where ever, you are. We've been obsessed with it ever since Helix Healthcare Group's Jesse Hanson showed us how to do it . Seriously, it's like magic. 

Croissunday, Delicious Croissunday

Looking for a fun baking project to test out this weekend? Try this insanely amazing croissant recipe from Nadège bakery, and then mail us the results. (Joking. But not really.) Bonus if you're in Toronto: Nadège is serving  fresh from the oven on March 8th. Get thee to one of their two locations

The Lighter Side Of...

Kim Kardashian is now blonde. The Internet has remained relative intact for now. That is all.

We hope you all have a dish-tastic weekend! Tweet us all your baking results on Twitter, and tell us if the tapping trick worked for you on Facebook. See you Monday!​


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