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The Dish May 27th


Moms Are Beautiful <3

Here's another reason why we should all be hugging our moms today: new mom Julie Bhosale took to her blog to proudly show off her belly -"lumps, bumps, marks, jiggly bits" and all- after giving birth to her second son. The awesome mum posted pictures of her changing post-baby body in the following weeks and she looks simply gorgeous. May we also offer our hearty congratulations to another new mom: Keira Knightley! The actress gave birth to her first child yesterday, although she's staying mum on the gender and name.

Get Crackin'

So we all know how to crack a egg, but do you know how to crack an egg with one hand? Impress your friends with your culinary skills after watching this easy how-to video. (Trust us: your life will never be the same.) And speaking of the culinary arts, take a look at these hot guys who can cook up a storm (and sweep you off your feet). Now that's delicious!

So Fresh, So Clean

Do you have a green thumb? If so, take advantage of the herbs growing in your garden to make some delicious summer foods and drinks. (Blueberry mojito, anyone?) But there are some foods we probably shouldn't put on our dinner menu, even if we do love eating them. Check out our list of the world's 10 most dangerous foods you should probably never eat (but still do).

Brown-Eyed Girl

Are you one of the lucky gals of the world who have brown eyes? Good news: watch this cute video tutorial that will show you how to accentuate those heartbreakers with a little bit of makeup. And what if your eyeshadow is crumbling and falling apart? Fear not! We've got a handy dandy quick-fix! Even if you don't have baby browns, you can definitely get some tips from these three top makeup artists, who will show you how perfect your beauty technique.

Inspiring Women

In today's roundup of inspiring news about women: an underwear company used breast cancer survivors as models in an empowering campaign; Rihanna nailed her first full Dior film (and looked stunning, to boot) and Margaret Atwood wrote a book that we won't live to read (unless you're still alive in 100 years, in which case, congrats!).


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